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CSC offers services to Owners, Contractors and Designers.

We specialize in creating highly detailed conceptual estimates.  We use your napkin sketches, narratives and or developing documents to help you understand the cost of your project from early design through construction documents.  We want to assist you to keep your design or your project on budget.  Nobody likes surprises on Bid Day, and that's what we strive to prevent.

We use electronic takeoff software and we can provide very detailed takeoff to go along with your estimate.  We can annotate your drawings with constructability comments as we do our estimate, highlighting issues that should be considered prior to final drawing issue… or bid.

We exchange documents electronically.   No trees are harmed during the course of our work.  Documents are exchanged via 'the cloud' saving you expense and delays.

We are transparent.  You own our work in its completed form along with related notes and details. 

We are a registered LLC with the State of MI and the Internal Revenue Service, acting as an independent contractor.  You will receive our W9 with your first invoice.

We are discreet.  Your secrets are safe with us and no one but your accountant needs to know we worked for you if that’s your wish. 

We are flexible.  Maybe you only need takeoff or a constructibility review done.  Maybe you just need quotes solicited from suppliers.  Just ask; We can likely customize our service menu just for you. 

We look forward to hearing from you.