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Types of Projects

Here is a partial list of Project Types Estimated:

Airline Terminal
Ambulatory Care Center
Ambulatory Surgery Facility
Assembly Plant
Ballpark / Multi-use Venue
Baseball Stadium
Behavioral & Social Sciences Center
Bell Tower
Biological Sciences Building
Campus Development Plan
Cancer Care Center
Cardiovascular Center
Center for Allied Health and Athletics
Center for the Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies
Center for UAS Propulsion
Children’s Hospital
Concourse Expansion
Consolidated Scientific Research Facility
Critical Care Tower
Educational Child Care Facility
Elementary School
Endoscopy Suite
Energy Center
Energy Park
Facility Expansions (multiple types)
Facility for Rare Isotopes
Facility Renovations (multiple types)
Fire Rescue Training Center
Football Stadium Expansion
Hall Replacement
Health Center Expansion
Health Facility Improvements
Health Science Facility
Heart Care Facility Expansion
High School
Hockey Arena
Hospital Campus Master Plan
Linear Accelerator
Loading Dock
Manufacturing / Assembly Plant
Master Plan
Medical Office Building
Middle School
MLS Soccer Stadium
Multi Field Sports Program
Multi-Disciplinary Biomedical Research Building
Multipurpose Center
NICU Replacement
Parking Deck
Pavilion Expansion
Plant Expansion(s) / Renovation(s)
Primary Power Upgrades
Pump Station
Replacement Hall
Replacement Hospital
Research Park
Residence Hall
Runway / Taxiway Lighting & Signage
Science & Technology Building
Science Lab Addition
Service Center
Shelled Space Buildout
Shop & Office Support Building
Stadium End Zone Addition
Student Housing
Substation Replacement
Technical Center
Utility Tunnel
Vacation Club
Women's & Children's Hospital

Absence of a particular project type on the above list does not mean we cannot estimate your project.  

Please contact us with questions or concerns about your project.